I was hired as a consultant to help open a restaurant in Delhi, India, and I returned last week.  Phew!  Busy, crowded, colorful, filthy, magical, opulent, impoverished, frustrating and fantastic.  I ate cashews and sweet rice, curries, coconuts and chilis off a palm leaf in Southern India.   Perfumed kebabs, sacks of spices, Kashmiri morels, silver-leafed sweets, masala and lime, grooms on white horses and honking, honking, honking, honking in Delhi.  I researched Indian organics, a blossoming scene, spoke to chefs and front of the house managers, studied spices and produce, surveyed the restaurant space and ate, ate, and ate some more. 
It's difficult to choose but here are a few of my favorite, though un-food-related, pictures of a couple quiet moments in an otherwise insanely hectic country.