Why do I love being a chef?

I was just asked this question on an application for a TV cooking show.  I was only given one line.  OMG I could go on forever!
Creativity.  Athleticism.  The connection food gives me to nature.  The way food connects people: EVERYONE has taste memories, and they are wildly different and interesting and equally important.  Regardless of socioeconomic background, ethnicity, age, culture, religion, hometown, city, or region, every person brings something to learn to the table (literally).  In culinary school in New York City, a fellow student from Trinidad told me about the different varieties of mangoes he ate as a kid.  Being from the Northeast US, I found this fascinating. Later,  in a taxi with my grandmother I said,  "Did you know there are ten different types of mangoes?"   Our Pakistani cab driver whipped around, "Oh no!" he said, "There are hundreds and hundreds!"
I've seen a multi, multi-millionaire in a mansion, dressed in flannel pajamas.  Her diamonds were on the dresser, plane was in the hangar and couture dresses waited in the closet.  She was makeup-less, looked ordinary and fragile.  One of the microwaves beeped and she removed a steaming bowl of $2 instant tapioca pudding.  She dug in.  A simple taste reminded her of a less-than-privileged childhood, and she was totally, completely satisfied.