Green Tomato Recipes

I'm in Maine, it's August 16th, and most of the tomatoes in the garden are still green.  No worries.  Nothing beats a perfectly ripe, sweet red summer tomato, but  the green ones are proving to be a refreshing change and equally delicious.  Pick ones that are really green - when they have hints of red they are more sour.  The green tomato salsa verde below could be eaten as a soup too - it's so good it can stand alone.  Here are two simple recipes:

Grilled swordfish with green tomato salsa verde 
serves 6
4 large green tomatoes, quartered
1 small onion, chopped
3 garlic cloves, peeled
Mixed handful of herbs: parsley, lemon mint, cilantro, basil (this is what was in the garden but most herbs will substitute well), washed, rough chopped
1 lime, one half juiced, the other half sliced into wedges for serving
4 pounds swordfish, seasoned with salt and pepper, grilled

Throw the green tomatoes in a pan will olive oil and the garlic.  Cook on low, covered, until they begin to break down, then add the onion and continue to cook until they are all soft.  Transfer to a blender, buzz until liquified (remember to release the heat!), add the herbs, buzz until mixed.  Season with salt, pepper and lime.  Slather on grilled swordfish.  Or any white fish.  Or chicken.  Or eat alone as a soup. 

Frittata with green tomato, herbs and 10 minute homemade créme fraiche
10 eggs, lightly beaten
2 large green tomatoes, diced
1 tsp baking soda
1/2 small onion, small dice
Handful of mixed herbs: chives, basil, parsley, tarragon, dill. Chopped, some reserved for garnigh
1.5 C whipping cream
2 tsp white vinegar

Put the whipping cream in a bowl, stir in vinegar.  Taste: if it's too tart add a little more cream.  Let stand at room temperature while you're cooking everything else.  It will thicken and you'll have creme fraiche soon!
Set oven to 350.  Sweat the onions in butter in a pan, and swirl the butter around so all sides of the pan are coated.  Mix the tomatoes, s/p, baking soda, herbs (reserve a little for garnish) into the beaten eggs.  When the onions are translucent, add the egg mixture.  Cook until eggs are set on the bottom, then transfer into the oven and cook until set all the way through, about 15 minutes.  Once set, turn broiler on high and carefully brown the top.  Remove from oven, let rest 5 minutes, then invert out of the pan onto a plate.  Carefully flip it back right side up onto a cutting board.  Cut into 6 or 8 pieces, garnish with remaining herbs, creme fraiche, and maybe squash blossoms if you have some in the garden. 


Green tomatoes, yum! 

Green tomatoes, yum!